What DID Paul say...

Pond Reflection 

The pine tree reflections on the pond look like an upside-down painting by Monet, don't you think?


The cardinals' visits to the feeders are almost predictable. I never tire of their brilliant plumage...

  Gold Finch 

...and it's such a thrill to watch the goldfinches molt - slowly shedding their drab winter coats to change into bright yellow wardrobes for spring.
If only the painted bunting would return. We've had such a cold winter, I'm wondering if he decided to settle further south this year. If that's the case, then maybe he'll stop back by Pollywog Creek on his trip north in the spring. Our unusually cold winter was the subject of an amusing conversation between Louis and Emily this afternoon.

Emily: It's colder here than it is in Kansas City - that's just not right!
Louis: Emily, don't you ever read your Bible? Emily: What? Louis: What did Paul say? Emily (after a short pause): Ummm...about the weather in Kansas City?
At this point, without any idea of where Louis was going with his questioning, I was totally cracking up. It seems that Louis was going to relate Emily's comment about it being warmer in St. Louis than it was here to a lack of contentment, but by the time he took the conversation in that direction, we were laughing so hard that it was a lost effort.

By the way, Emily faithfully reads her Bible and she knows very well what Paul said.