Free time...

Quiet Time

For a recent interview I was asked how I spend my free time. Good question, I thought. It really made me think. I've reached a stage in life where little ones are no longer under my feet demanding my constant attention, and it has been decades since I worked outside the home. Even my chore list is simple, rarely requiring more than an hour of my unscheduled time on any given day unless I've chosen to tackle a particularly large task. Though my circumstances could change, the need to identify a specific day or time that is free of responsibilities for me to fill at will no longer exists. My life simply flows from one activity to another in an unhurried pace, with moments of time in between for those "free time" delights I listed in my response to the question. It is a gift to be so unhurried, I know, and it causes me to reflect on what "free time" really means for me as a Christian woman. Is any of my time really free for me to use at will when there are so many unmet needs in this world? In my own community? Does asking God to order my steps each day mean that I won't be distracted by opportunities that capture my attention and lead me astray?