Over the river... Caloosahatchee River
Summer - July (Click to Enlarge)

The bird feeders have been cleaned and stored for the summer. It's the rainy season, and the fields and thickets are producing a bountiful supply of insects, berries, grasses and seeds for every little creature that inhabits our little plot of green earth here on Pollywog Creek.

With six and half inches of rainfall in just one day last week, the brackish creek rose above the banks in places, so I wandered about cautiously - ever mindful that rising creek waters can encourage gators and water moccasins to move much too close for comfort. In fact, I'm not inclined to wander about at all unless Louis is home to "slay any dragons" I might encounter.

It's just as well. These are the days when the heat and humidity are stifling, the mosquitoes are plentiful and hungry, and if I weren't so driven to take photographs of insects and weeds, I'd probably only leave the house to get in the car.

It was from the car window that I took the photo of the Caloosahatchee River. We drive across that bridge every Sunday morning on our way to church, and every Sunday morning I wonder why I keep forgetting to bring my camera. This week I remembered.

One Sunday morning I'm hoping we won't be in so much of a hurry that we can slow down on the bridge long enough for me to get the camera in focus. There is something about the reflections of a big blue sky on the still waters of a summer morning that are lovely and peaceful and perfectly delightful and causes me to forget about all the things I dislike about summer here. If I lived in one of those houses on the river, you'd probably find me sitting quietly in a screen room at the end of a dock on mornings like this.