...a mixture often of incongruous elements


I think I should have a mélange post once a month, don't you? It's a nice way to tie up loose ends, so to speak. An excuse to post random, unrelated photos from recent weeks and ramble on about this and that.

Tomorrow is our 33rd wedding anniversary. (By the time I get this written and posted it will probably be tomorrow...which means our anniversary is actually today and not tomorrow.)


We chose October 29th for our small wedding ceremony to coincide with the Florida-Auburn football game scheduled for the following day and my daddy's October 31st birthday. Louis was a student at the University of Florida and we were too poor to go on a honeymoon, so we married on the 29th, took my parents and our brothers and their wives to the Florida-Auburn game on the 30th and celebrated my daddy's birthday on the 31st. Florida won the football game, we are still married (by the grace of God), and if daddy were alive, we'd be celebrating his 90th birthday on Saturday.


Emily and I spent the best part of today in the city for a little shopping, lunch, and hair cuts. Some time ago I heard a message on giving that encouraged the practice of rounding down spending and rounding up giving. I love it. Today was an opportunity for us to do both. One of my favorite ways to round up giving is to tip generously. I'm not boasting, really. It is such a little thing, but a huge joy I don't want to miss. It is immensely delightful to trust the Lord and see who He puts in our path.

Earlier this week I read a fabulous housekeeping tip that is so easy and yet very beneficial. Each time you go into a room in your house, do just one thing to tidy up and improve the room's appearance before leaving. There is not a single room in my small house that I do not enter several times a day. If I were to develop the habit suggested in that tip, my house would be much cleaner.

I had a terrible case of insomnia last night (Tuesday). Despite a desperate need for a good night's sleep, I simply could not turn off my mind and found myself wallowing in "poor me's." After hours of tossing and turning and getting out of bed to check e-mails, I was miserable. I begged God to help me fall asleep and decided that if I couldn't turn my mind off, I would at least redirect my thoughts.

Two o'clock in the morning I determined to stop feeling sorry for myself and be grateful. I mentally assembled a list of all the things for which I am thankful, and before I knew it, I was asleep.