It went so fast...

I don't like melancholy, but the truth is, it's been a sobering few days. The pain of chronic illness, young families with sick little ones, the sudden death of a beloved gentleman, the distressing news that others are losing their battles with cancer have all weighed heavy on our hearts.
Before the sun was barely above the horizon one day this week, I dropped my brand new blackberry in the pond. It nearly ruined my day. It wasn't the loss of the blackberry that grieved me, it was my carelessness, along with an awareness of how hard my husband works to provide for us and how much of those provisions were ruined in pond muck in a matter of seconds.
I read about Betty and Namukosa and my heart was broken anew - and I repented of my own selfish concerns and the many resources of time and gifts that I waste on any given day.
That "beloved gentleman" and his lovely bride had fifty-six years together in marriage before his unexpected death this week. Fifty-six fruitful, loving years. At the time of visitation, the room was overflowing with family and friends who'd come to offer and receive comfort. As I hugged the grieving widow, I'm certain she thought her words were expressions of grief, but I received them as words of exhortation to me. "It went so fast."
Photos: More "Green is the Color of August" on Pollywog Creek and a fleeting sunrise over the Caloosahatchee River