Longing for simpler times?

I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one that time and the brevity of it all has been a recent and recurrent thought. It must be the season. Little ones entering kindergarten, older children returning to school a year older and a grade closer to adulthood, and young adults heading off to college for the first time are all hallmarks that signal the passing of time. 

Many of us have also bemoaned the times in which we live and have longed for the simpler days of the past – days of horse and buggy and long, uninterrupted afternoons for tea and conversation without the trappings and distractions of our fast-paced communication age. I so enjoyed my facebook fast last week that I’m going to continue it every Wednesday – at least for now. One day a week without facebook, twitter, blog reader and the temptation to click through the links will be very good for me.
The leisurely pace of years past has it's merits, but those of us who have survived cancer or had life-saving surgeries or c-sections - with anesthesia and pain meds, I might add - are more than grateful for the medical advancements of our modern age that made those surgeries and treatments possible. Running water, air-conditioning, electric washing machines (and coffee grinders) are just a handful of conveniences atop my list of favorite indulgences that those horse and buggy days did not offer. It’s very good for me to remember that, as well.
Trusting God in all my ways means trusting that He allowed me to live here on earth at the perfect time in history for me – that I would not long for the past, but be grateful for the blessings of this age and use them not just for my benefit, but for the kingdom and His glory. Facebook, twitter, google reader, flickr and the innumerable internet resources available to me are not the problem – it’s how I might misuse them and waste time in so doing.
"...And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?