On the subject of photography and not having a real camera...









In a comment about my photography to Jeanne at The View From Here I wrote....
I’m sure you’ve noticed that most of my photos are macros (taken with a simple point-and-shoot camera) with a shallow depth of field. I had a talk with the Lord about (that camera) earlier this week. “You know, Lord, I could do so much more with my photography if I had a real camera.” To which He immediately responded, “Which is why I’m not giving you one yet.” He knows me. He knows I’d spend all my time taking photos of everything, when what He has asked me to do is find Him in the small things…the wee beauty in the midst of the not-so-beautiful right under my feet. Besides…much to my family's dismay, the little Sony Cyber-shot fits in my purse.
What about you?

Is there something you think you need that maybe God is withholding from you -  so that you would not be distracted but accomplish His purposes instead?

Photos: Around Pollywog Creek - an anhinga (snake bird) that I chased around the pond (he was not at all happy with me and my camera - or maybe it was just me)