Photo challenges and stretches...

Photo Hunt::Stripes
Photo Hunt::Stripes (Antique Quilts)

Photo Hunt::Stripes
More Stripes (Frog at Pond's Edge)

Photo Challenge::Decay (A southern sculptured borer in the decay of a dead pine)

I'm imagining with amusement my friend Allie's reaction to these last two photos. (I love you, Allie!)

Truth is, I would normally shy away from many of the things I find fascinating when viewed through the lens of a camera. The wonder it inspires and pushes me beyond my own abilities and knowledge and desires.

It has been months since I participated in a photo hunt and I miss many of my photo hunt friends. Today seemed like a good day to reconnect, and it gave me an excuse to post a couple of photos I'd otherwise not be able to use.

But I'm also wondering about you. Is there a tool or gift that God places in your life that stretches your natural abilities and tendencies?