Mimi plans, but God determines...

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps." 
~ Proverbs 16:9

Some things simply cannot be manipulated. I have far less control over my comings and goings than I thought.

Two to three weeks of "mimi duty" have been stretched to four, and the end of this delightful, but exhausting, away-from-home season remains uncertain.

These days with little ones are precious and I wish I could pack them up and take them home with me. But the truth is I'm a homebody. I do not love so much time away - separated from Louis and Emily and the sunlight at dawn that streaks through the tall pines and glitters the foxtails and spider webs dripping with dew.

The hospitality here has been warm and gracious, but I'm a foreigner in this place of gated communities, manicured lawns and a golf course view - temporarily adjusting to different schedules and rhythms and a sharp decline in leisure moments.

This wasn't what I had planned, but it's the Lord who determines my steps, so they must be what is best. Mimi duty it is, and I'll delight in every moment.

Photos: From my Pollywog Creek backyard while home for the weekend.