So good to be home, if just for a few days, though it's hard to ignore the growing list of tasks that are begging to be accomplished while I am here.

Very near the top of that list is rest. After an early, awkward and humbling start to the day (let me just say this - I probably won't be in charge of selling mulligans again) and about five loads of laundry later, I took a short walk around the pond and declared to myself that the time of rest had begun.

Between loads of laundry and my walk around the pond, I was inspired to craft Mary DeMuth's lovely "be ye thankful" banner with twine and card stock I had on hand. (HT - Ann) I'll try to remember to share a photo one day next week.

In the meantime, I am thankful - for a home to "come home" to and clothes to wash, for a husband who loves me and grown children now my friends, for grandchildren to nurture, for friends who show me grace, and for the blood of Christ that covers my many sins...

Photos: On that walk around the pond