Weekends {are for} wanderings...

~ with photos that didn't make the cut

My determination to be a more disciplined writer has been severely tested these past two weeks and it's obvious I'm not yet there. Excuses or not, I am in fact once again humbled to be begging for editorial grace on two overdue articles. Blogging will have to wait. 

That I was able to take any photos this week was a miracle. The once or twice I wandered outside with my camera, I pushed through pain - fearful at times that I'd allowed myself to become overheated or wandered too far from the house. 

I'm sure that must sound foolish. Taking photos of flowering weeds and a grassy pond and cicadas on fence posts hardly qualifies as a mission worthy of pain, but photography for me is healing - it's a discipline God uses to cultivate an eye for His grace and mercies in my life for the times I need them the most.  

Without my camera, I would miss the beauty hidden in the tangled thickets along the creek and the delight of dragonflies with their clown faces and sparkly wings, as they pose for me perched along the barb wire - hoping to feast on the skeeters that nibble at my ankles. 

Without my camera, I'd never know God's glory in the pale lavender beautyberry blossoms He miraculously transforms into bright green berries that ripen the most magnificent shades of purple. And if God can turn a long-stemmed leafy plant into a glorious wonder he hides in the thickets behind the wild grape leaves and potatoes vines, then can you just imagine what He will do for His image-bearers - you and me?  

I hope to write more next week about these ongoing physical challenges of mine in the light of God's grace - for He has faithfully and tenderly provided for every single need - from an afternoon in the ER to yet one more funeral. 

But today, I'd love for you to tell me about the places and ways God has been cultivating an eye for His grace and mercies in your life this week.