Through the Window::Week Three...

Moment in history that marks my childhood...

My enthusiasm for the August TtW challenge this year has all but disappeared. There are just so many photos that can be taken through the few windows I have in my house without boring everyone, including me, and even on those rare occasions that I leave the house these days, I travel the same roads to one of the same two destinations: church and the doctor's office. (Now that's a thought worth a post of its own.)

So I reached back a ways and grabbed a photo taken through the car windshield in May on one of our trips through sugarcane fields and into the sunset and a thunderstorm. We're hoping to travel that same stretch of highway again tomorrow - maybe I'll have a current Tt{car}W photo for the last week of this year's challenge. (Won't we all be happy to move on to something else?)

Last week I overlooked TtW photos by one of my dearest friends, Allie. She has a fantastic post I know you will enjoy, so please click on over and tell her I sent you.

If I have overlooked your TtW photos, too, PLEASE point me in the right direction...and forgive me? I'm old, gray and crippled and this seems like as good a time to use that excuse as any.

Because of that trip down the same sugarcane highway we are hoping to take tomorrow, I won't be home to "talk" tomorrow, so I'll ask y'all today...what highways (literally or figuratively) are you traveling these days?