It ain't for sissies...

old house

One of mother's favorite adages was a quote from Bette Davis: Growing older ain't for sissies. Not exactly biblical wisdom, but truth none-the-less.

I could easily substitute any number of life situations for "growing older" and the "ain't for sissies" would remain constant - chronic illness, childbirth, mothering boys, etc.

Mother's quote comes to mind as I change the dressing and repack the wound on this open incision on my neck twice a day. It ain't for sissies, but that's exactly who I am. I dread each step of the process, and my hands shake as I cut the packing strip. 

My choices are simple. I can either be a sissy and avoid the pain that comes with that one small thing, or I can be mature and courageous and work with my doctors to promote healing.  

I choose healing, but I can't pull the courage I need to overcome fear and push through the "sissies" out of thin air.

It may be taken out of context, but God's word and character never change, and when I search for courage in scripture, He gives me this from 2 Chronicles 15:
"...The LORD is with you while you are with him....take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.”
What about you? I'd love to know how God has given you a perfect word to encourage and strengthen you through a particular trial.