Weekends {are for} Wanderings...

to the left of center



...looking back and catching up

...and a {to the left of centre} photo challenge from 3 from here and there 

Now that I no longer have little ones under feet and the house is quiet more often than not, my multi-tasking skills have rusted a bit and I work best in silence. This morning, however, I'm listening to music as I continue to wrap up a project that needed to be on it's way days ago, and the music is energizing me. 

Earlier Nicole C. Mullen cleared out the night's cobwebs and got me on my feet {impossible to sit and listen to her sing - unless I'm driving the car, of course} - reminding me that "my Redeemer lives" and that "when I call on Jesus all things are possible".  

Shaun Grove's Third World Symphony is presently spinning round the CD player. I love it more and more with each listening. Have you ordered your copy yet? I love, love, love the work Shaun does with Compassion. With a humble and gentle spirit, Shaun sacrifices much to bring the needs of the least of these before the rest of us that we might respond as the Lord leads, and purchasing his CD is one small way I can do that.

I mentioned yesterday that I might explain that "pain in my neck", but I'm much better this morning and ready  to move on. If you are a saint who lifted a prayer on my behalf, I can't thank you enough. You and your sacrificial prayers are precious to me.

I'm always amazed at how the Lord goes before me in a multitude of ways. I only stepped out into my backyard with my camera once or twice this past week, but every time I did, God met me there - opening my eyes to His grace and mercy, and I discovered several "through the window" photo ops on trips to the doctor. 

The High Calling featured one of my photos in the High Calling Focus Photoplay - Rust this week. The High Calling community is rich with gifted artists, writers, and poets, who desire to glorify God in all of their work and inspire others to do the same. It is an honor to be featured. 

While watching college football later today, I hope to dust off summer's decor, store them for next year, and bring fall's oranges and reds and yellows out of storage to replace summer's greens.  

What about you? What are you doing this weekend, and have you decorated your home for fall?

{Photos} hibiscus and dragonfly "left of centre" photos from my backyard and a "left of centre" fence post out my car window this week.