It's fall y'all...



The calendar on my kitchen wall says today is the "Autumnal Equinox", but our Pollywog Creek weather remains resolutely summer and laughingly says to the calendar "not yet."

I'm still working my way through those commitments to others - between out-of-town medical appointments, pain meds {for the open incision on my neck - another story for another time - maybe tomorrow} and the naps those pain meds demand.  

All that to say, I'd hope to post the first "Yellow is the Color of September" today, but my life away from this little speck in the blogosphere says "not yet."

As I prepare to head out this morning for the surgeon {a literal "pain in the neck"} to change the dressing,  a multitude of past "not yet"s come to mind -  times when I prayed for, hoped for, expected life to unfold a certain way and God had other plans.

Knowing that His ways are perfect and mine are flawed gives me peace about what I'm not able to get to yet and an assurance that I will eventually accomplish those things God has planned for me. 

What about you? Can you think of a "not yet" time when you either struggled with or rested in God's "not yet" for you?

{Photo} a look back at October 2010 on Pollywog Creek