In the quiet place that was once a pastor's study, we bring a week's worth of laughter and tears to our small group of brothers and sisters, and the strong among us lift up the weak as we lay it all down at the cross. 

Trapped in sticky webs of tangled emotions and sin's tenacious grasp, we come scalded by life's pressure-cooker and stooped by burdens we're not meant to shoulder alone

Our hearts love-knit together, we bend our knees in prayer and praise, and our focus shifts and we brush off those webs and rise together to leave lighter and untangled and free. 

The pressure-cooker world remains unchanged, but not the way we see it. It's perspective and it's grace and it's free.

As I count gifts with Ann in community this day, I am grateful for...

...brothers and sisters in Christ - who love and pray for me - tangled webs and all
...the good medicine of a merry heart and those who laugh with me children who love God and His people shopping with Louis and Nick {a hard eucharisteo, yes?} soft skin - on Addisyn, of course
...fresh-mowed grass
...lovely, nourishing rains to fill the pond and creek before dry season
...hanging the bird feeders for my feathery friends flying south
...praying with a friend for another we hold dear
...grapes and watermelon
...baking muffins for collegiate scholars candles that bring the aroma of fall into our still summer home
...tall glasses of sweet tea for backyard swinging
...perspective and grace

What about you? Are you grateful for the Body of Christ - for the brothers and sisters in the family of God where He's placed you to grow and serve? 

{Photos} flowers long gone, but different perspectives left in a draft just for today.