Gathering blue...

...a photo challenge from 3 from here and there

Many years ago, in a house not on Pollywog Creek or in this community where we now live, a realtor walked into our house for a showing and one of her first comments about my home was, "The lady loves brown.

It was true, though mostly I loved {still do} dark natural wood and muted earth tones that gave an overall impression of "brown."  Were that same realtor to walk into my home today, she would be more inclined to say, "The lady loves blue."

Recently we bought a new couch. For weeks we lived without one. I have a hard time spending money on furniture I don't think we need, but we had given our couch to one of our boys and Louis, Emily and I were constantly playing musical chairs with the two lounge chairs left in the living room. When we found a couch at a significant savings from a store going out of business, I agreed we should buy it.  

Emily instantly loved the new couch covered in a rich, dark brown linen - of course, she was usually the one who lost at "musical chairs" and at that point would probably have loved any new couch - but it took me a while to warm up to it. There was no blue anywhere, only a red trim on the throw pillows - a situation I will correct as soon as I am able.  

If that same realtor walked into your home today, I'd love to know how she would fill in the blank...
 "The lady loves _______."
{Photos} Shades of blue: a new blue bowl on my blue checkered tablecloth, a blue heron at the edge of the rim canal around the "Big O", a pond reflection, a collage of summer blues - clockwise: blue jay, blue-tipped damsel fly, early morning reflections on the Caloosahatchee River from the Ft. Denaud Bridge, a mockingbird silhouette against the cloudy blue sky