It's who I am...

Being an "artsy" woman of a certain age has its benefits. For one thing, there's freedom in knowing that it's assumed I'll be eccentric.

They've never actually come out and said so, but after watching me for years wander about with my camera - taking pictures of weeds and fences posts and who knows what else - I'm confident my neighbors long ago decided that I'm "different".

So when I drove into town for a jug of milk, it didn't occur to me that I should change out of those worn-out capri jeans and scruffy ballet shoes with athletic socks.

Neither was I concerned about getting out of the car with my camera, dressed as I was, for an impromptu stop near the park along the river.


I'm not trying to be "different" - I'm just comfortable with who I am - and life's too short to pass up an opportunity to sit by the river on a sunny fall afternoon just because I'm wearing jeans fit for gardening and a strange combination of socks and shoes.  


Being a follower of Jesus Christ comes with its own assumptions that I am different. Not eccentric or odd or strangely out of place in this culture, but "set apart"...
But know that the LORD has set apart the godly for himself
~ Psalm 4:3 ESV
If I'm as comfortable with who I am in Christ as I am with my old jeans, scruffy ballet shoes and socks, then by His grace, my life - my reactions to circumstances - from the perfectly delightful to the tragic - will  reflect that I am different.

{Photos} by the river