Weekend Wanderings...


Weekends {are for} Wanderings on Pollywog Creek 
...looking back and catching up

"A Week of Wanderings" might be a more fitting title for this week's looking back. I wandered away from Pollywog Creek more in the past week than I have in months (appointments with doctors don't count). Unfortunately, most of my gadding about was crammed into one day. If you ever hear that I'm considering a repeat of such an adventure - please remind me of how awful I felt the next day. Enjoying my renewed freedom and to be a good steward and save gas, I tried to kill two (or four) birds with one stone. Not one of the wisest decisions I've ever made, though I don't regret the people and places I experienced that day - from the glorious sunrise over my friend Susan's ranch in Felda (photos next week) to discovering wild poinsettias along a fence in Ft. Denaud. I simply need to remember to spread the fun out over more than one day in the future.

Long ago I accepted the fact that I'm rarely on the cutting edge, but one-step-behind-the-times. I'd like to blame it on the rural southern lifestyle - slow and easy. I'll blame it instead on the low-energy, air-headed way I was created. We've already turned the pages on the first week of October and I'm still working on my September "Living in Yellow" posts. In the meantime, Susan asked me about the color of October. It's orange. Leaves, pumpkins and sunrises. Maybe I should retitle that series to "Living in Yellow and Orange" like candycorn. 

What about your week? I'd love to know where your wanderings took you - and if October means candycorn for your family, too.

{Photos} here, there and everywhere