Peace and contentment in the quiet...


For several hours this morning since my 4:00 am rising, between loads of laundry and considering the day's tasks, I've stared at the computer screen searching for words. But my mood and thoughts are contemplative and private and I've discerned are best kept to myself. 

As I count God's good gifts with Ann in a grateful community on this lovely, rainy fall morning, I'm thankful for more than I can possibly list. The Father through Christ - from whom all blessings flow - has lavished grace and mercy and love in great measure and I hardly know where to begin - but I will...

...sunlight that clouds cannot contain (a picture, yes, of His light in our clouds) unexpected visit to those we dearly love in the travel, towing an old trailer
...strength and endurance for my hurting husband
...soaking rains at the edge of a dry season
...playing wii with Mason and Austin
...every moment I can snatch with Gavin and Addisyn
...children who love the Lord
...the joy of more grandlittles being fearfully and wonderfully made
...a bench moved under the oak tree
...a healing wound
...a sweet surgeon
...pumpkins and apple scented candles
...the friends and readers who bless with kind words of encouragement (every word a treasure)
...contentment and the abundance of simplicity
...peace in the quiet and taming of the tongue

{Photos} sunlight breaking through clouds over sugarcane fields at dawn, two grandlittles that call me mimi, a Caloosahatchee River sunset