Weekend wanderings...

Weekends {are for} Wanderings on Pollywog Creek 
...looking back and catching up

It's an odd assortment of photos, I know. I wanted to post a few more insect macros, but out of respect for my insect phobic friends (love you, Allie), I decided to keep them to myself. I simply couldn't resist showing y'all that spider mama and her gazillian babies. She'd nested in one of the azaleas by my backyard swing and I watched her egg for days before finding all those babies one morning.  

I caught a glimpse of that lovely hawk as he flew into a pine tree between the house and creek, but I knew I'd likely have to be content with taking a blurry photo through the porch screen. As I suspected, when I opened the porch door in hopes of capturing a clearer picture, off he flew - the brittle limb where he'd perched falling in pieces after him.  

Twice this week I spotted a hummingbird circling 'round the flame bush, stopping momentarily to sip nectar from those blazing orange flower heads, but I was much too far away to take a photo. Still. I was thrilled. Though I've delighted in the flame bush's stunning colors, we planted that bush nearly two years ago to attract hummingbirds and it finally happened. 

Last weekend was sunny and cool and absolutely perfect for those family birthday celebrations I mentioned. We partied at my brother's lovely lake home for my niece's son's second birthday, and then returned home to attend a party for Nick's in-laws, who celebrated birthdays a few years past two. It was all grand fun, plenty of laughter and chocolate cake.

Happy Birthday to You...

I'd hoped to travel to the west coast for Mason's t-ball game this morning and then take photos for our church's "Candy Carnival" tonight, but with flaring joints (not to mention the heavy rains), I'm resting at home with a heating pad on my wrists and the anticipation of watching college football while indulging in Emily's awesome college-football-viewing snacks.

Did I mention that Louis and I are celebrating our 35th today? Only by the grace of God, I tell you. Only by the grace of God. It's a story I love to tell, if you want to know more or see me in my wedding dress.

I'd love to know what you are doing with the gift of this day.

{Photos} 'round about Pollywog Creek and a celebrating life collage - don't you just love Gavin's head popping up in that last frame?