Cultivating an eye...

Predawn darkness

It begins with a simple prayer - "Please show me your glory, Lord, right where I am."

I can be blind to the beauty around me. Sometimes all I see is dirt and trash and the frost-frozen leaves of the once green flame bush hanging brown like bats from barren limbs.

Like the man born blind - unless the Lord opens my eyes, I cannot see.

It's the only way I know to cultivate an eye for His mercies around me.

And it's a prayer He's never failed to answer.

He lets me see it in a thorny seed pod and the wise words of a dying friend.

And in a firey sunrise and the way new growth sprouts varigated leaves on a canvas of blazing pre-dawn bokeh.

Beth Moore once told the story of being thrilled to see moose outside the window of her Rocky Mountain cabin one morning. When others complained that they didn't see moose, Beth responded, "Did you ask Him to show you?"

God delights in showing us His glory, but if you are like me, you'll miss it if you don't ask.

Have you asked Him to show you? What did you see?

{Photos} Day 11/366 right outside my front door