To not fear winter...

Just beyond all that lush green, there's fields of brittle-dry brown - almost as far as the eye can see.

I'm grateful for the winter grass seed Louis plants close to the house weeks before frost's first bite.

We're no longer grove owners, and there's nothing to fear about sub-tropical winters on Pollywog Creek, but that green winter grass makes me think of sowing and reaping and the passage in Proverbs that praises the woman who does not fear winter for she is prepared.

And I think of "sowing" as prayer and the "reaping" that could be the answer I want, but it isn't. The reaping is in the peace of knowing that I've "sowed" - that I've prepared for the future by leaving it with the only One who holds it.  

{Photos} Day 12/366 autumn leaves still fall on my backyard swing, and a long-tailed moth rests in the sun on the grandlittle's swing