A word of advice from Patsy Clairmont, Interview Part 3...


Patsy Clairmont Interview Part 1, Part 2

Patsy is a dynamo. She's an entertaining and engaging speaker - dancing across the stage with boundless energy and delighting the audience with her playful humor. Patsy is "good medicine." She captures our hearts with her gift of story, and as laughter tears run down our faces, she begins pouring truth from God's word into our souls. 

Patsy is also the author of numerous best-selling books, both non-fiction and fiction - for adults and children.

My questions for Patsy today are about speaking and writing, especially for those of us whose hearts beat for the same opportunities. You might be surprised, as I was, to know what door opened her speaking and writing career.
Patsy, when did you know you wanted to be a writer? And what came first - speaking or writing?
I have always loved words. As a child I even loved Spelling Bees. Actually I loved the idea more than the reality because my heart would pound so hard it left me weak to be in the "spotlight" of people's attention. 
Isn't it funny that now I have stood before millions and I love it. Who knew? Obviously...God. 
I didn't know when I became a public book reviewer that it would lead to a speaking career and eventually a writing one as well. I fell in love with books because The Lord used them to companion and counsel me. 
What wisdom did you gain from your early writing/speaking years that you can share with others who sense the same call to a writing and/or speaking ministry today?
If I were to offer a word of advice to speakers and/or writers I would say, don't force your ministry. Don't race ahead of God's timing it will only lead to regret and frustration. Pace yourself. 
Also remember writing takes discipline, as well as blood, sweat, and tears. So expect it. And the speaking circuit is a trial and a privilege all it's own. Nothing is as simple as it appears. Roll up your sleeves, get down on your knees, rise up wiser, and proceed cautiously. 
{Photo} Patsy Clairmont, WOF, August 2008, Ft. Lauderdale