Counting slow as good...


Robbi and I worked on our "It's a Good Day When..." book proposal this week. 

That's a bit of stretch. Robbi did almost all the work - I simply offered a few suggestions, and we polished it up together.

Truthfully, Robbi is amazing. She has been working harder and faster than I have toward publication these days. Whether it's the flare of chronic illness, the low-energy way God created me or both, I can't seem to get traction and move faster than that gopher turtle that's been meandering around Pollywog Creek - burdened by the weight of his cumbersome shell.

That book proposal we polished says "It's a Good Day When.." is for those of us overwhelmed by the bleak news of the day....and how we can still see that our days can be counted as good.

I take that to heart. "How can these slow-as-a-turtle days of mine be counted as good?"

I remember that's it's a blessing to be in need, to know that God is always near and to wait in and for Him to move me along at His appointed pace...and could there ever be anything more good than that? 

Wait for the LORD;
be strong, and let your heart take courage;
wait for the LORD!

Psalm 27:14 ESV

What about you? Is there a place of need in your life where you know it is good - that it is a blessing because you know that God is in it?

{Photos} that meandering gopher turtle