Pine Warbler

White Winged Dove


As I write today's week{ending} post, I am grateful for how these Saturday entries have evolved over time and how the Lord has used them that I might continue to "cultivate an eye" for His abundant graces and mercies at work in my life. 

The rebel in me sometimes resists routines that appear to be stale and rigid, but when I catch a glimpse of how the Lord works through orderliness and disciplines - through faithfulness to persevere through the seemingly ordinary and mundane - I wonder why I ever resist.

Simply pausing to reflect on the past few days and the ways the Lord carried me through the not-so-easy moments and surprised me with glimpses of glory and unexpected blessings brings me joy and hope and encouragement for the days ahead. 

The end of the week brought last minute writing assignments with deadlines right around the corner, as well as the opportunity to work with Joe Bunting {The Write Practice} to judge February's writing contest. I expect to spend considerable time on my laptop today - hopefully while on my backyard swing delighting in the taste of spring that will likely give way to winter in tonight's near-freeze.

I also have four dozen cookies to bake for church tomorrow, and my grown-up baby girl flies home after almost a week away. I'll either spend tomorrow afternoon listening to Emily's wonderful stories or watching her sleep on the couch.   

What does your week{ending} hold? I really do want to know. 

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