"No matter what...'s a good day when
you have to have a root canal 
and you know your friend is praying for you.

That's not a page from our book, but maybe it should be. It's definitely a page from my life this week.

An apple a day did not keep the doctor away from me. Those sweet, crisp, juicy red orbs of delight - for which Johnny Appleseed was most grateful - hastened the fracturing of one of my large molars. 

The root canal was a breeze - thank you my dear praying friend. It's the after-the-xylocaine-wore-off pain that's makes me want to throw the basket of apples into the pond - or at the person who penned that "apple a day" adage.    

Johnny Appleseed and I do have this in common - the Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord, for giving me the things I need. Forget the apple seeds. 

you have a root canal
and there's pain killers in the medicine cabinet.

{Photo} from the archives