My weekend wandering photos last year were reserved for those photos from the week that didn't "make the cut."  This year, with decreasing opportunities to wander about with my camera, I've changed my own "rules".

This past week unfolded into even fewer photography moments as I coped with the emotional trauma of knowing that I needed a root canal (going to the dentist ranks near the top of experiences I fear) and the painful recovery that continues. The procedure itself was, amazingly, a piece of cake, but since then I've realized that my medical history should have been taken more seriously. A little extra prednisone beforehand and less time in the dental chair (two hours is too long for some of us with RA), might have prevented my current distress.

Today's photo, taken from my archives, is proof of my "fewer photography moments" and an example of this year's "rule" change. 

If you happen to have a few moments this weekend and you haven't watched already, please take the time to watch Eric Metaxas' address at the National Prayer Breakfast this week. To quote Denny Burk, Metaxas' address was "a courageous talk delivered with winsomeness and joy."

While I nurse my painful jaw this weekend, I'm hoping to ride out to the Ortona Cane Grinding Festival with Louis this morning, and watch the Gators play basketball this afternoon and the Superbowl tomorrow - both from the comforts of my living room. We are also planning to attend church with Nick's family for Addisyn's dedication tomorrow.

What plans do you have this weekend?