I remember the days of constant demands from little ones, homeschooling, and caring for my bedridden mother, and how at the end of the day I couldn't tell you what I'd done all day, except just that, because the house {and me} would be messier than it ever had been and it didn't appear that I'd done one single thing.

It's funny that here I am decades later, with {mostly} an empty nest because Emily does her own thing, and the house {and me} still looks messier at the end of the day and I still can't tell you what I've done all day.

But I've done something {if only in my mind}, because I've been busy {or exhausted} which means I've also been sweeping up the inevitable shattered shards from trying to keep too many plates {in my mind} spinning.

Make sense? Good. 

I'll hopefully be back soon with something more worthy of a post. 

{Photos: playing with my camera and colors and light in manual. See? The azaleas are already gone.}