Savoring sabbath...


April's soft breezes and cool early mornings - tenacious remnants of spring on Pollywog Creek - are all that keeps summer from bullying his way in.  

These leftovers from spring's feasts have been just enough to lure the buntings to our backyard feeders,  while the birdbath has been an aviary oasis in what we hope is only a seasonal drought. 

Had I nothing else to demand my attention, I could spend hours on my backyard swing in the shade of the sweetgum trees - mugs steaming fresh-brewed coffee, a stack of books and a camera, savoring these morsels of God's glory in creation - but they are sabbath moments. The gracious, merciful gift of rest - refreshment and restoration in the midst of life's daily rhythms and breaks.

Where and how do you find sabbath in your days?