Wasting what is precious...




"It is so important not to waste what is precious by spending all one's time and emotion on fretting or complaining over what one does not have." ~ Edith Schaeffer
If there's one thing I wish I'd been taught as a young wife and mother, it would be what it means to be content. 

Don't get me wrong - I'm not blaming anyone for not teaching me. Even if there'd been a mentor in my life those years ago, I doubt that I was teachable. 

But it grieves me to remember my ungratefulness - to consider what precious gifts of the moment I wasted while wishing that my possessions were greater and my circumstances were different. 

I remember the misery of wallowing in self-centered envy, and I'm grateful that the Lord didn't give me what I thought I needed to be happy and content - that He let me be miserable that I might grow up. That I would come to know the contentment found in abiding in Christ and resting in His sovereignty over my life.

But even after all these years of sowing contentment deep, I sometimes need a refresher. I begin to wish for things I don't have - for new flooring, trendy furnishing, a Nikon that works. 

What a silly, foolish girl I am - wasting what is precious.

{Photos - grateful for my point-and-shoot camera and playing with free Picasa's editing tools while my Nikon is repaired.}