It's been a full week of surprises and I hardly know where to begin. 

All week I struggled to know what day it was. Almost everything was out of sync. Robbi and I worked on our book, Emily worked extra hours at the preschool while trying to study for finals, and I forgot a dental appointment (even after they called the day before to remind me) and had to rush into town in grubby clothes and no make-up after the dentist office called wondering where I was. 

Louis spent an extra night on CPAP at the sleep center after I met him in the city to have dinner with friends, our dog Jake had surgery to remove a tumor, and I either never knew that Kristin was having a 3-D ultrasound in Ft. Myers yesterday or totally forgot (which Kristin thinks and she's probably right), but I obviously didn't make it.

Which turned out to be a really good thing, because Louis and I dropped everything yesterday afternoon and hustled through thunderstorms to the east coast when Casey called to tell us that the doctor wanted Jessi to have the baby that day. 

Needless to say, the very best surprise of the whole week (if not the whole month) was the birth of our beautiful new grandson, Wyatt Michael Orin Hunter, born healthy and hungry and perfectly delightful late yesterday. 

On our way out of town yesterday, we stopped to pay the vet for Jake to spend the night, but he's home now - on our back porch - with a large plastic cone around his neck so he doesn't try to bite off the stitches. The cats are quite amused and a bit fearful, as they watch him (from a distance) through the sliding glass doors. 

We're staying home as much as possible today. Resting. Taking care of Jake. Watching baseball and hoping the Yankees beat the Red Sox again. 

Tomorrow we're driving back to the east coast so we can love on Wyatt, his brothers and his mom and dad.

And you? What surprises did you have this week?

{Photos-the honeysuckle vine on the backyard chain-link fence}

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