Throughout the week I've watched a large crow dip pieces of bread in the bird bath before flying away. One day he landed on the edge of the bath with two ritz crackers in his beak. I laughed out loud - wondering who might have left their kitchen window {or pantry} open. 

Hoping to capture his antics, I sat outside yesterday with a basket of books and my point-and-shoot camera. A constant stream of feathery friends stopped by to visit while I waited for the crow who failed to appear. Maybe today. 

That's what my weekend appears to hold - more time to be still - to sit outside with a basket of great books and my point-and-shoot camera - fresh air for my lungs and sunshine to warm flared joints. Time to read, write, rest and recover from the bronchitis and ear infection I've battled all week.

God is so, so good to me. His grace and provisions are abundant. 

What does the weekend hold for you, dear friends?

{Photos - a few of yesterday's visitors. In a whimsical moment under the influence of a fever, I posted photos of my living room here this week. And because homeschooling mothers never outgrow their love for learning and wonder at God's creation when their children are grown, this is what's happening on my kitchen counter these days.}

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