I'm in a self-prescribed and self-scheduled writer's conference rehab this weekend. Seriously. Robbi and I flew home late Thursday night, and for most of the day yesterday I either slept or stared off into the distance. Suitcases, bags, books and shoes remain right where I left them Thursday night. One of my {few} goals for today is to get everything moved into the bedroom where I can unpack.

To those of you who prayed for me while I was away - I cannot thank you enough. This trip - navigating airports, cramped airplanes, a beautiful but hilly Ridgecrest campus, and not enough sleep - was undeniably a challenge, but I made adjustments along the way and with Robbi's help and much prayer, I managed {albeit slowly and breathlessly at times} far better than expected.

If you have "friended" me on facebook you already know, but for the rest of you - Robbi and I were humbled, grateful, and thrilled when No Matter What It's a Good Day When placed 3rd in the unpublished non-fiction category at BRMCWC. From the first day Robbi and I began working on this project months ago, we held it close to our hearts but loosely in our hands. We would love for it to be published for those who would benefit from its encouragement, but we trust in God's sovereignty in all things and know that if publication is His plan, then it will happen in His time.

I'll write more about the conference after everything sinks in and settles a bit. For now, we look forward with much joy and excitement to the week ahead when we will gather with family and friends on Monday to celebrate Memorial Day and again on Wednesday for the birth of Nick and Kristin's baby boy. 

The LORD is good to me.

What do the days ahead hold for you? 

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{Photos - from the trip to Asheville with my point and shoot}