When you can't...

When you can't that's when you can watch what God can do through you.
 Yvonne Lehman

Basking in the worship, fellowship, and teachings of some of the most gifted and creative brothers and sisters in Christ this week at the Blue Ridge Christian Writer's Conference outside Asheville.  

Meeting my dear friend across the miles - the delightful, beautiful and amazing, Beth Vogt - has been one of many, many highlights I've experienced in this beautiful place tucked in the North Carolina mountains. 

With two and half more days ahead of me, I can only imagine the highlights to come - what God will do through all of us in our places of can't. He is so, so good to His people. 

What about you? 

Thinking about the quote above from author Yvonne Lehman, last night's keynote speaker, I'd love to hear how you have seen God work through you when you knew you'd been called to do something you couldn't.