Climbing Mt. Everest...


It's been almost two years I've been living with this thorn in my side - and it's been a bit like mothering a baby. Just when you adjust to a baby's schedule and establish a routine, the baby's schedule changes and you lose your rhythm and you're back to making adjustments. 


I'll say yes to projects and opportunities when rhythms are good and my schedule is open and then a string of not-so-great days makes following through feel like climbing Mt. Everest while life and responsibilities go on around me - and I'm constantly reminded of my weaknesses. 


I'm moved along by the ebb and flow of hours and days and before I know it, weeks and months have passed without measurable progress on those projects and opportunities, and I realize that if that is going to change, then I'm the one who must make adjustments - because deadlines {and relationships} don't wait for my good days, they pass on by without me.

So, if you see me here less in my corners of cyberspace, don't worry that something's wrong - I just need to make those adjustments and establish new rhythms that I don't neglect what God has called me to do.

{Photos - one sweet magnolia blossom opening to her delightful fragrance here on Pollywog Creek; BTW - I've added new FREE photos to the Flickr set linked here.}