Sweet Tea Y'all::a short book review and giveaway...


{I seldom trust my writing after dusk - leaving any after-dinner thoughts in drafts until I'm more alert. I might want to consider not even placing them in drafts - considering the potential for clicking "publish" rather than "save". My apologies to those of you who subscribe in a reader and a draft version of this post appeared on your screen before it was ready to be read.}

With delightful splashes of southern culture and small-town flavor, Emily Sue Harvey's Cocoon captured my attention from the beginning prologue and held it through to the very last page. Her rich, complex characters and the mystery and romance surrounding them create a compelling and entertaining read, and Harvey's ability to almost seamlessly transition from one character's point of view to another add depth and interest to each chapter. 

iced tea

Cocoon is a beautiful story of hope, family devotion, and patient, sacrificial love manifested in a season of doubt and darkness - a cocoon season, if you will, when one of Harvey's characters seeks comfort in wrapping up in a demented darkness for which there appears to be no escape, despite the love and attention from family and friends {who have their own issues} in a close-knit, small southern town.


Cocoon is not Christian fiction, but fiction with a Christian worldview that reflects the beliefs of the author and is typical of small towns in the south {trust me, I know this}.

With the exception of the classics, I'm not inclined to read fiction, but a copy of Cocoon was given to me {thank you so much, Vicki Moss} several months ago, and though I intended to read it shortly was misplaced. I'm grateful {though embarrassed} to have found it - it was truly a delightful read...and one I'd love to send to one of my readers.

Here's how that winner can be you: leave a comment here, on my facebook page under the entry for this post, or in an email {patriciawhunter at gmail dot com} and tell me if you, like me, can relate to {and love} living in a small southern town, and if sweet iced tea is also your beverage of choice.

The giveaway ends at midnight Saturday, Sept. 22 and I'll announce the winner on Monday, Sept. 24th.