Who I am in what I do...


I {reluctantly} erase I Love My Life from the blackboard on the easel by the kitchen. It's not that I no longer love my life {words inspired by the beautiful Julie here} - I do love my life, but it's something the pastor said in church yesterday that I need to remember more: I Am An Image-Bearer

Writer, photographer, wife, mom, mimi, friend....  

Those words describe what I do, not who I am, but what I do with who I am. As a bearer of God's image, they are some of the ways I'm called to reflect His character, but they aren't what give me purpose and worth.

Created by God in His image, separated from Him by my sins, forgiven and reconciled to Him by faith in the sacrifice of Jesus at the cross, and empowered by the Holy Spirit {with whatever tools He chooses to give me and where ever He chooses to plant me} to be His ambassador in the world.

No fretting about, striving for, rushing ahead, or waiting for tomorrow. Just be who I am where God takes me today.