The Color of September::Introduction...



If you've been reading Pollywog Creek for a while, this post and photos will look familiar. It's the beginning of a series I began last September, and for reasons I no longer remember, I never finished. I've been a low energy, air-headed kind of girl all my life, and distractions {both good and bad} can easily derail me. When I get back on track, I often forget where I was originally going and just head off in the direction I'm led. I'm a typical sheep who desperately needs a shepherd. Gratefully, I have One, and true to his nature, he lets me start over. It's grace, y'all - pure grace. 

That said, I begin that series again - slightly edited to reflect this September. I do hope y'all will add to the discussions and feel free to call me back to it if I wander away again. Although you are welcome to use my living in yellow list, please know that I wrote it for me. I share a few truths and thoughts not that I think you need them, but that I need them, and writing about them helps me do just that.

After thirty-five years of marriage and twenty-three years of homeschooling {all by God's grace}, I live in a September season I could not have imagined as a younger woman. I don't remember what I expected my life would be like with married children and grandlittles, but I'm quite sure this wasn't it. 
Last summer, in a quiet house and with time to reflect, I made a Living in Yellow list of ten points {in no particular order} I want to remember about life in this September season: 
  1. It's not about me.
  2. Don't stop learning.
  3. Continue to live frugally - content and grateful.
  4. Be available.
  5. Nurture "hidden art", create and share beauty.
  6. Humbly share what I've learned - especially my mistakes and failures.
  7. Focus on encouraging others - particularly younger women.
  8. Look for ways to be helpful.  
  9. Extend truck loads of grace to everyone.
  10. Approach each day with joyful laughter.
Lord willing and the creek don't rise - I'll expand on each of them further in the future. I'd be thrilled if you join me.

{Photos} Yellow last September in my Pollywog Creek backyard.