Still Saturday::we know better...


Most of us have grown up thinking that being loved means being made much of.

Our whole world seems to be built on this assumption. If I love you, I make much of you. I help you feel good about yourself. It is as though a sight of the self is the secret of joy.

But we know better.

Our happiest moments have not been self-saturated moments, but self-forgetful moments.

Paradise will not be a hall of mirrors. It will be a display of majesty. And it won't be ours.

Love is the labor--whatever the cost--of helping people be enthralled with what will satisfy them most, namely, Jesus Christ.
John Piper,  The Passion of Jesus Christ p.117


{Between February 12th and April 16th (the Wednesday before Easter), I am reading and discussing John Piper's The Passion of Jesus Christ - Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die with a group of friends. From now through Easter, my Still Saturday quotes and I {LOVE} Sunday scriptures will come from my readings in this book by Piper, and the photos might simply be a few favorites from those I've taken during the week.}


Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday