Still Saturday:in every relationship whatever the circumstance...

If I have a word or verse for the year, it's to flourish and be fruitful and Psalm 92, When I'm still and quiet and contemplating the path I sense the LORD is placing before me in this season, I find encouragement in the wise words of Jean Fleming.
Fruitfulness in every season requires flexibility. The vision must be broad enough, deep enough, to transfer to my changing circumstances. 
I can love God and love people to the grave and beyond. 
I can do this in every relationship no matter where I am, whatever the circumstances in my life. I can abide in Christ and be a link in the chain to help others know and follow Him. Whether it is in intense, close relationships or brief glancing contacts with people or through prayer, I can seek to glorify God and further His kingdom.

Jean Fleming, Pursue the Intentional Life, p. 122

Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday