Conversational photography and glimpses of glory...

My photographs are not for sale, as some of you have wondered.
I am at best an amateur - with an amateur's camera. A real photographer would likely snicker at my unprofessional, unconventional methods.

My photography begins with a conversation.

"Lord, open my eyes and the lens of my camera and please let me capture the wonder and beauty of Your creation - sunlight and rivers and flowers and bees and birds and vines and frogs and leaves and clouds and lizards and dew drops and dragonfly wings and wild berries and cicada and.....wonders that never cease."

And He does, and it is grace and worship and wonder and awe. Pure and simple. It's God's creation, not mine.
What more could I possibly receive than the joy of catching a glimpse of His glory and passing it on to you?
Sunrising over dead orange grove

So my photographs are not for sale, but I'd be delighted to give one to you. Just ask.
Photos: A Sunday morning sunrise over the Caloosahatchee River; a tangle of vines, wildflowers and berries in the thickets by the creek; a little green heron hiding in the branches of a cypress tree by the pond; a pilated woodpecker (I saw four of them that day) in the shadow of a tree trunk; a bluejay perched on a pine tree branch and a mockingbird atop the eucalyptus tree; the sun rising over a dying orange grove.