In the light of his face...

New life...

If you gaze too long at your circumstances, you will become dizzy and confused. Look to Me, refreshing yourself in My Presence, and your steps will be steady and sure
~ Sarah Young (Jesus Calling)

It's not been the winter and spring I'd envisioned. Unable to take advantage of the crisp mornings and delightfully cool days that are the hallmark of winter and spring in the deep, deep south, my photography moments have been far fewer than I'd hoped for this season - even more so with a new camera.

But there were days I pushed myself - hard - past the mailbox to the neighbor's fence line or along the creekbank - or even out into the pasture. Never all in one day, but still.

Some may say I'm the depiction of determination. My husband's more inclined to say I'm stubborn or bull-headed. I'm probably a bit of both.

The truth is that if I will just look past the dizziness and confusion of my circumstances, and walk "in the light of (the Lord's) face", my steps are steady and sure, and I can do what I thought  I could not do otherwise...

...little by little - and not necessarily in the direction I had in mind - but with little victories here and there and hope and encouragement for the future.

Blessed are the people who know the festal shout,
who walk, O LORD, in the light of your face

~ Psalm 89:15 ESV

Photos: past the mailbox to the neighbor's fence line, along the creekbank or out into the pasture.