The glory of bread is that it satisfies.
~ John Piper - A Godward Life

I'll open the pantry door and reach for the crackers and chips every time. 

Hunger pains - those steroid and ulcer-induced gnawings - are not patient. They stab and grumble. "Right now," they insist - so I open the pantry and grab the closest food fix to satisfy their greedy demands. 

Junk food - a quick fix. There's no lasting nourishment or fuel for the long haul. Empty calories that weigh me down and do more harm than good - quenching hunger for what truly satisfies, strengthens and heals.

I learn, albeit slowly. 

If bowls of fresh fruit sit full on the kitchen counter, I won't open the pantry. I'll satisfy hunger with nutrient-rich foods that nourish and fuel and heal. 

I learn this, too - when the stabbing pains of life in this broken world gnaw at my soul and eat holes in my heart - and the junk food fixes the world offers weigh me down - I need only eat of the food that truly satisfies, nourishes and heals.
Taste and see that the LORD is good.
{Photos} my kitchen counter