Weekends {are for} wanderings...

...looking back and catching up
"...they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength"  
These verses from Isaiah seem to have been written just for me these days. Every where I turn, I uncover them again and prose, in prayer...and they are exactly what I have needed for this current I'm-weary-and-I'm-waiting season.

One afternoon this week, I was briefly lured into the backyard by a giant swallowtail flittering around the Easter garden flowers, where I was held captive by a bluejay perched in one of the sweetgum trees and the bountiful beautyberry bush. Briefly - long enough for a few quick photos before the heat, humidity, and a gimpy gait got the best of me.

Early in the week, while 5 year old Mason and 2 year old Austin were here for a few days, we met Kristin, 4 year old Gavin and 7 month old Addisyn at the local library for a children's program. The best part of the experience for me was watching Emily pull adult books about baseball off the shelf and show them to Austin and Addisyn. While Mason and Gavin learned how to make ice-cream in the children's section, Austin and Addisyn learned about Babe Ruth from Emily. "Auntie Em" takes her role to properly indoctrinate her niece and nephews into Gator Nation and Yankee Universe seriously. 

It's been a stressful, emotional, roller-coaster kind of week. Some days I lived by the mantra "just do the next thing". Other days, like today, it was "just do ONE thing".

What about you? What has your week been like?

Photos: they speak for themselves this week, I think.