Weekends {are for} wanderings...AND Through the Window::Week Three...

...looking back and catching up

With writing assignments that need my finishing touches, wanderings today (both here on Pollywog Creek and outside with my camera) will be brief, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get out there and delight in the beauty and wonder in this last month of summer.

If I had to choose one word to describe this past week for me and those I love, I think it would be transition - a moving from one place to another. Not only is my health improving little by little, next week brings with it new challenges and opportunities that we began preparing for this week.

Tabby left for college and classes that begin Monday, Mason met his kindergarten teacher, Gavin and his mama shopped for preschool supplies, and Emily prepared for multiple changes in her schedule and routine that includes resuming her college studies, a new part-time job, and an internship with our U.S. congressman.

What was your week like? Do you have special plans for the weekend or the week ahead?

Through the Window Photo Challenge: I hope I didn't miss anyone, but I think that Mary was the only other person who participated this week. PLEASE let me know if I overlooked your photos, so I can enjoy them and post a link to you here.

Photos: Only the "doll baby" photo was not taken through a window, and all but the last photo (through the study window one morning earlier this week) were shot through the car window on a short trip Louis and I took to Lake Placid yesterday morning. More caracara photos are in a set here.