I can start from today...


"I wish I could have a do-over." 

My wise, smart and beautiful daughter is having a rough week - the culmination of too many math oriented classes in one semester for someone whose gifts are anything but math (what was her advisor thinking?!?!?), a major scheduling conflict, a new job, a month long sinus infection, and simply too many overall commitments. 

"How far back would you like to go?" I wondered. 

"About three years," she lamented. 

I know how she feels. There's much I hope I would do differently if I could turn back the clock. 

I'd take back those hurtful words, wasted time, and squandered opportunities. I'd be wiser in my choices, more loving with my words, and a better steward of my resources. 

But starting over, turning back the clock and do-overs are not possible, and wishing for them is only more wasted time. 

When I'm having a rough week like Emily's and wonder if I'm too old and made too many mistakes and maybe I should just retreat to my Pollywog Creek backyard swing and call it done, I return to this quote from Andrée Seu that I tucked away for such a day... 
I can start from today - with today's time, with today's skills, with today's health, with today's grace. I can do this trusting, even at this stage of the game, that God is still sovereign and still good.
What about you? Ever wish you could have a do-over?

What are you going to do today - with today's time, skills, health and grace?

{Photos} Odading (like "birding" only dragonflies instead of birds) in my backyard this week...and I posted them here today because what else am I going to do with them?