Weekends {are for} Wanderings...


...looking back and catching up

Though there have been a few teasers that she's on her way, autumn has yet to fall here on Pollywog Creek. Mid-day humidity remains oppressive and mosquitoes greedily dine on bare ankles dare I venture out for a dawn or dusk walk, but it's college football season and we're nearing the homestretch toward MLB playoffs, so I hold onto the hope that we'll soon be taking out those comfy sweatshirts and turning off the a/c.

This week was probably the most active one I've had in months, with two trips to Ft.Myers {as well as church on Sunday}, a day at home alone with Gavin, AND I drove. Just into town and to deliver flowers to a friend on her birthday - but for me that was huge. I discovered, however, that driving is the easy part - it's what I'm able to do when I get where I'm going that's tricky.

I was determined to drive myself to Ft. Myers yesterday for appointments, but Louis insisted otherwise. I was humbly grateful he'd been so demanding. We shopped for groceries on the way home and somewhere between the fruit and vegetable displays and the dairy aisle, I could barely put one foot in front of the other. By the time we checked out, the thought of walking out to the parking lot appeared as challenging as climbing Mt. Everest. When Louis drove the car to the store entrance to pick me up, he reminded me why he'd insisted on not letting me go stubbornly off on my own.

Before I put on mosquito repellent and wander outside with my camera to watch Louis clean the roof {a possible photo op, right?}, I wanted to post a link to a short article I wrote for the American Virtue Magazine that was published in their blog yesterday. Hope you will click on over there, comment, and tell them I sent you.

But before you do that, please tell me - where are you and your family wandering this lovely September weekend?

{Photos} Just a few snapshots from Pollywog Creek this week