Iridescent wonder...

I have more then enough dragonfly photos for multiple lifetimes, I tell myself, but they are "photo magnets" - and I can't resist the way light illuminates their lacy, gossamer wings and how they seem to smile for the camera. 

So I chase them through the backyard, around the pond, and along the creek hoping to capture a bit of their iridescent charm. 

Not only are they one of my favorite photography subjects, their place in the food chain - as a predator of mosquitoes and food for birds - makes them a most welcome inhabitant here at the rim of the glades on Pollywog Creek.  

Like most insects, dragonflies innately live to eat and reproduce, and they seem to excel in both endeavors, but they also exist to inspire wonder and reveal glimpses of an amazing Creator. 

There's likely a lesson in that for me, as well - that I focus and excel at what I've been created to do, that my "wings" reflect the Light, and that my life would inspire others to say, "What an amazing God."