Through the Window::Finale...

Through the BR Window  

Through the BR Window

Through the Window::Week Four

Through the BR Window

My 2011 through-the-window-photo-challenge has come to an end, and not a day too soon. It's not what I'd envisioned, but I've seen it through to the end and you'll likely not see it again. 

I'd hoped the challenge would be inspiring and motivating, and in some ways it was {for me} - just not how I'd expected.  

More than anything, I was humbled to realize how easy it is to take God's gifts for granted and to slip back into an attitude of ungratefulness - simply because the views outside my windows rarely change. 

Lord willing, you'll find me outside the windows from now on. {Can you see how August's lush green is slowly giving way to September's yellow?}  

Please come back tomorrow - I've got good things to share in my "weekend wanderings", but first won't you PLEASE click on over and visit my awesome friends Allie and Mary. They are sweethearts and graciously humored me to play along for the through-the-window grand finale. 

{Photos} 1,2,5 - through a bedroom window; 3,4 - through the car window on a recent trip to the east coast